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OGOP Direct

Get excited... OGOP Direct is finally here! We are thrilled to be able to offer savvy parents another eco-friendly option to DECLUTTER and SELL for CASH kids stuff... in-between our events so you don’t have to wait until our next sale!

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SELL your items to OGOP DIRECT and CASH in TODAY!

  • Sometimes you've no time to consign
  • Sometimes you need the kid clutter gone NOW
  • Sometimes... it's one or both of the above and... you need FAST CASH!

OGOP is the solution to these problems because we will come direct to you, view your items and offer you CASH on the spot to take it all away... it's as easy peasy as that!

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Three simple steps to CASH IN TODAY:

  1. Contact Us to set up a convenient time for an OGOP Rep to drop by your home. Give us a general idea of what you got. For example: baby gear, girls clothing newborn to 2, toys, new miscellaneous gifts you'll never use. YES... OGOP will buy almost anything brand new too! We will show up on time (smile!), go through your items and offer you CASH on the spot.
  2. We will haul it all away right then and there...easy/peasy! This benefits you immediately by eliminating the need/hassle of dealing with multiple people (yikes... no more scary people at your door!), no more no-shows you tons of time by eliminating the pain in the butt of taking a gadzillion pictures and creating multiple posts!
  3. If we buy from you, you'll score a Pre-Sale EXTRAVAGANZA pass to our next sale too! How sweet is that?!? Minimum amount do apply :)

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Things to Know so please keep in mind...

  • OGOP Direct is a service offered to parents who need to get rid of their like-new items in-between sales.
  • OGOP will buy select seasonal clothing pieces and but not buy bins/boxes of children’s clothing. Your best bet is to consign these items yourself.
  • OGOP is looking for the best of the best and will adhere to the same standards as per our onsite inspection of merchandise during our upscale events. All items must be clean, no stains, rips, must work properly, be complete and safe.

Let us help you today - Contact us and get rid of the kid clutter taking up your space tomorrow!

Consignors Corner

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